What Happens at CAMHS?
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What Will Happen At My First Appointment?

Once a referral has been accepted by CAMHS a "Choice" appointment will be offered to you. We will try to give options with the date and time of this appointment. Appointments usually take place at our base which is at Holly Lodge but we will occasionally see young people at home or at school if it is not possible to come to our clinic. You will meet a member of our team who will spend time finding out about you, your interests, family and the problems which have led to you coming to CAMHS. You may be worried talking on your own and can bring family or an adult you trust to support you with the appointment. 

You can ask us as many questions as you like and if you don't understand something said please ask us to explain this to you. If you require an interpreter then this can be arranged. At the end of the appointment you're CAMHS worker will talk about what happens next. Ultimately we want to work with you to find ways to feel better. You may be asked to complete some questionnaires before attending the appointment or after. These are called ROMs (Routine Outcome Measures) and help us to understand your difficulties better and monitor progress with treatment. 

We have more information about who is in our team here.