This is our logo at Lichfield CAMHS. The design is based on a lotus flower, a powerful metaphor for life suggested by young people who use our service, one we think really well symbolises the young people we meet and work we do as a service. The logo also includes 3 prominent leaves at the top which represents the famous 3 spires of Lichfield Cathedral. The logo was made using Logomakr.

The Metaphor of the Lotus Flower









The Lotus Flower grows from muddy waters, often without the luxury of sunlight. Despite the harsh conditions it is still able to grow into a beautiful flower. In many cultures it is a symbol of enlightenment and regeneration. The potential for the flower to flourish exists even though it is hard to imagine amongst such difficult conditions and beginnings. The potential to bloom lies deep in the core of the plant well before it unfolds to reveal its true beauty.

We see this in a lot of young people, those who can feel "stuck in the mud", those that are negatively impacted by circumstances around them or have been affected by early adverse experiences. The Lotus Flower represents the potential that we see in so many young people we meet, that the toughest challenges can  foster growth and resilience, that we  have the power to choose how we  view the world around us, that we can create our own reality and make the choice to grow and reach towards the light and bloom.