CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Lichfield CAMHS are an NHS service that provide specialist mental health support up to the age of 18 to the population of Lichfield and Burntwood. We are a multidisciplinary team which means that we have professionals of different backgrounds, working together and this allows us to offer a range of therapeutic interventions. We work in collaboration with several other local agencies who also provide support locally to young people who are struggling with their emotions, relationships, personal development or their behaviour. There are people who you see at the moment who you can talk to, such as teachers, GP, school nurses or counsellors. They may suggest a referral to other services. Ask them about whether CAMHS is right for you. If it isn’t, they may suggest a different service that can help you.

Below are 2 good videos made by other CAMHS services explaining what CAMHS do. They are from Penine Care CAMHS and Leeds CAMHS

YM Guide CAMHS.jpg

Young Minds have a helpful guide to CAMHS that can be accessed from their website by clicking on the image.