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How do I Access CAMHS?

How do I get an appointment with CAMHS?

To access support from CAMHS you either request a referral from a professional that knows you, for example this can be your GP, a counsellor, a teacher or social worker or you can make a self-referral here. We look at all referrals as a team and decide what we think would be the best service to support based on the information provided. This may be with CAMHS and an assessment appointment will be offered to you, although we do also work with other teams locally who help with emotional and behavioural problems in young people and we may advise that they provide input before CAMHS are involved. 

How Long Is The Waiting Time For CAMHS?

At Lichfield CAMHS we see referrals that are deemed as urgent within one week. We aim to see all new patients within 8 weeks and have averaged a 4 week waiting time for the past 3 years. If you need urgent help then we have advice here. If you wish for advice about managing while waiting for your first appointment we have created an extensive self-help section which can be found here.