Our Gates


These are our front gates to Holly Lodge and were developed by the marvellous young people who make up our Participation Group. The young people wanted to continue the nature theme of our building and which continues through our website. To them nature can be a source of solace and support. The image they designed was that of a tree withstanding the changing of the seasons. For them the tree represents resilience and adaptability, their strength allows them to sway in a storm but still stand tall.

A tree represents the growth process that we as individuals go on. It symbolises new beginnings, our evolution and development. The branches are different paths and journeys people take in their lives, the imprints of circles show the lessons, trials and tribulations of who, what and where we come from. Our journey in life is a process of learning, healing and growing. A tree relies on its nurturing and anchoring roots, much like we do from our early experiences in childhood which create the foundations that anchor our lives. 

Sometimes we meet young people who, for one reason or another, such roots are lacking or have been compromised which can lead to challenges in childhood and adolescence. We work to try and nourish these roots and help create that stability. When we have healthy roots and solid values then we are able to grow and bear fruit. The fruit represents the impact we can have on others. In life we have the opportunity to plant seeds wherever we go such as through kind words or good deeds. We often don’t see the fruit borne from the seeds we plant but if we act kindly and positively this can have a profound impact upon others and our fruit bear more fruit in a never ending continuum.

No two trees are ever the same, all trees have imperfections within their structures. Perfection can never been attained but this is ok. The tree holds all, our flaws, our integrity, our values and our good and not so good qualities. The tree with all its different components creates the integrated parts of who we are as people. As a service we embrace the individuality of the young people we meet and the many parts that form who they are. We hope that Holly Lodge itself can be like the tree; a large familiar, consistent object, full of life and that quietly nurtures all the things that live within its canopy.